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Bathroom Aids
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Bath Board

TR375 32

Bath Seat

6" TR372
8" TR373
12" TR374

Bath Lift

For many people bathing becomes difficult. A bath lift provides a fresh approach to this problem and enables a person to enjoy bathing again with confidence. It lifts, lowers and reclines easily and quietly and is designed to fit in most baths. it is easy to install, simple to operate and offers a person excellent comfort, safety, reliability and convenience.

290, was 420

Bathtub Grab Bar

Providing a firm handle at the side of the bath, this rail helps give confidence and stability when getting in and out of the bath. The coated steel rail is fixed to the side of the bath by a stainless steel clamp, cushioned on the inside by rubber pads.

TR309 29

Swedish Bath Grip With Legs

Made from chromium plated tubular steel.
Secures to the side of the bath by simple adjustment.
Fitted with non-marking rubber buffers to prevent marking and scratching.
Adjustable height extension legs.

TR308 39

Bath Tap Rail

A hinged support rail to assist getting into and out of the bath.
Lifts above the taps when not in use.
Square profile tube around taps.
Made from plastic coated steel tubing.
Easily fitted to vertical bath taps.

TR3888 19

Round Shower Stool

Adjustable height.

TR378 32

Shower Stool

Adjustable height.

TR377 46

Shower Chair

Adjustable height.

TR380 48

Shower Seat

Adjustable height.

TR379 44

Wall Mounted Shower Seat

Folds back for storage.

Without legs TR381 54
With legs TR382 67

Bath Step

Height 4".

TR4952 24

Ashby Step-Two

Height adjustable between 4" or 6" simply by turning the step up-side-down.

TR393 45

Floating Thermometer

Displays water temperature in either centigrade or fahrenheit and has a clock function. The large LCD display enables the user to easily view the water temperature. A maximum temperature can be pre-set and a warning will flash if the water exceeds the pre-set temperature.

TR2851 15

Long Handled Sponge

22" length.

Round TR6364 7
Contoured TR3678 7

Long Handled Sponge

24" length.

TR394 10.50

Long Handled Toe Washer

24" length.

TR395 10.50

Limbo Cast/Wound Protectors

Half arm TR401 12 - 14.40 inc vat
Full arm TR400 13 - 15.60 inc vat
Half leg TR403 14 - 16.80 inc vat
Full leg TR402 1650 - 19.20 inc vat

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