Wheelchair Accessories
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Pushing Gloves
An open finger glove with crocheted back and padded leather palm for comfort and grip whilst propelling your wheelchair.
PG £17.50
Wheely Cosy
Excellent value for money, and universal in size.
Acts as a sleeping bag for the lower body but with a higher back which can be secured to the pushing handles.
It features a warm polyester fur lining and an easy to use central zip.
TR1495 £35
Mobility Poncho
Quick and easy to put on.
Available in unlined and a 3 in 1 version which can be worn as an unlined poncho for rain protection, a fleece poncho for warmth or combined for warmth and rain protection.
Unlined unsleeved TR923 £26.50
Unlined sleeved TR4160 £34
Lined unsleeved TR6322 £39
Lined sleeved TR6515 £39
Wheely Mac
Excellent value for money and universal in size.
It secures over the back of the chair and takes into consideration the pushing handles.
In addition it secures under the foot plate with an elasticated base.
Unlined unsleeved £36
Unlined sleeved £37
Lined unsleeved £44
Lined sleeved £49
Splash Bag
TR6516 £22
Splash Crutch Bag
TR4067 £32
Safety Strap
Secures around the waist with a strong buckle and secures to the chair with an extremely strong double layered velcro fastening.
LBOU28 £11.50
Standard Cushion
A firm foam cushion which is great value for money and ideal for occasional wheelchair users.
Easy to wipe cover.
PPCPU28 £19
Standard Cushion With Fleece Cover
The standard cushion with an additional fleece cover.
PPCF27 £20
Universal Headrest