Scooter Accessories
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Control Panel Cover
Designed to protect the electronics whilst you maintain full control of the handles and brakes.
Fits most scooters.
Scooter Leg Cape
If you are looking for lower body protection whilst on the scooter consider the scooter leg cape, a waterproof leg cover with a thermal, quilted fleece lining for extra warmth.
TR7141 £31
Scooter Cosy
A quilted, thermal fleece lined cosy which acts like a sleeping bag for the lower body.
The unique advantage is the open base enabling you to position your feet either side of the tiller.
Your feet remain dry with a nylon shoe protector.
TR6123 £54
Scooter Cape
For complete wind and rain protection from head to toe, including your scooter.
Our capes are sutable for 3 or 4 wheel scooters, Velcro slots accommodate your scooters mirrors whilst retaining maximum waterproofing.
The clear front panel enables you to clearly view the controls whilst ensuring that you can safely use your lights.
Features an easy to use single zip fastening, enabling you to climb in and out of the scooter with ease.
Small, Medium or Large £41
Rigid Frame Canopy
Designed to fit most midi and maxi scooters.
From £420 Including Fitting
ScooterPac Scooter Canopy
Folding scooter canopy that fits almost any scooter.
Standard TR7189 £485
XL TR7263 £549
Metal Crutch/Walking Stick Holders
Crutches or walking sticks sit comfortably in two metal holders and secure at the top with velcro fastenings.
Attaches to the rear of your scooter with a universal fitting suitable for most scooters.
MWSH £35
Splash Bag
TR6516 £22
Splash Crutch Bag
TR4067 £32
Storage Cover
Lightweight but fully waterproof, ideal for protecting your scooter from rain and dust.
Secures with elasticated corners.
Standard £32
Deluxe £48
Scooter Shelter
For those who have nowhere to store their scooter this is the perfect solution.
Simply attach the locking arm to the base of the scooter shelter, drive on to the metal base plate and pull the heavy duty, fully waterproof, metal framed structure over your scooter.
Secure the locking arm to the main frame with the padlock and conceal behind the zip.
Features two easy access flaps for simpler battery charging.
Length: 232CM, 7'7"
Height: 130CM, 4'3"
Width: 97.5CM, 3'2"
Scooter/Powerchair Alarm
This attractive professional alarm will provide comfort and security, it can be installed by any qualified electrician, mobility engineer or competent DIYer.
It is wired directly to one of the scooter batteries.
The alarm is triggered by a motion sensor.
The user interface allows for five levels of sensitivity to ensure you are not troubled by false alarms.
The alarm comes with two fobs and has a find scooter button.
Don't forget to advise your insurers that you have fitted an alarm.
TR7047 £30 (Fitting cost £20)