Rehabilitation Aids
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Therapeutic Putty
Clean, non-toxic and non-oily therapy putty leaves no colour or residue on the client's hands. It will not fragment, separate or stick to the skin.
With six distinct colours to reflect established standards in resistive exercise, and progress in resistance from super soft tan to extra firm grey.
2oz £4.10
4oz £7.50
Gel Balls
These gel balls are colour coded to provide variable resistance training for hands, fingers and forearms.
The balls are pleasant to the touch and return back to their original shape after each squeeze. Perfect for use in the clinic or at home.
Pedal Exerciser
TR1189 £30
Over Door Exercise Pulley
Use this pulley to rebuild the upper body.
TR4617 £25.45 inc VAT
Thera Band
Offers simple but versatile solutions in rehabilitation for muscle strengthening and general fitness.
Sold in a 5.5m roll.
From £15.40