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Care Alarms
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Border Patrol Safety Beam

An electronic entrance monitoring device, which creates an invisible infrared beam between the two units up to 20 metres apart.
Alarms when someone moves through the beam.

TR2200 29

Home Safety Alert

A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. There is a call button and a panic button on each pendant. The main unit receives and recognises who is calling and the urgency from different sound and coloured light signals.
Up to 30 metre range.

TR2199 38
Mains adapter TR4874 6

Auto Dial Panic Alarm

Mains unit receives panic signal from the remote pendant and auto dials up to three numbers. Easy set up and record your own "help me" message. Two way hands free voice communication.
Range between panic button and main unit of up to 50 metres.

TR2201 102

Patient Alert

A local alarm system for fall management. It has a magnetic switch with a cord and clip which attaches to clothes.

332 40

Voice Alert

A versatile fall management system. Bed, chair and entrance alarm options with voice function. Record your own alert message in a voice familiar to the patient.

345.3 50

Alert optional sensor pads

Cushion 23 Use with Voice Alert
Sitting mat 23 Use with Voice Alert
Bed mat 26 Use with Voice Alert
Floor mat 33 Use with Voice Alerth
Stop banner 21 Use with Patient/Voice Alert
Toilet seat 21 Use with Voice Alert

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