Care Alarms
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Home Safety Alery
A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver unit and two pendant calling transmitters. There is a call button and a panic button on each pendant. The main unit receives and recognises who is calling and the urgency from different sound and coloured light signals.
Up to 30 metre range.
TR2199 £40
Mains adapter TR4874 £6
Patient Alert
A local alarm system for fall management. It has a magnetic switch with a cord and clip which attaches to clothes.
332 £40
Voice Alert
A versatile fall management system. Bed, chair and entrance alarm options with voice function. Record your own alert message in a voice familiar to the patient.
345.3 £50
Alert Optional Sensor Pads
Cushion £23 Use with Voice Alert
Sitting mat £23 Use with Voice Alert
Bed mat £26 Use with Voice Alert
Floor mat £33 Use with Voice Alerth
Stop banner £21 Use with Patient/Voice Alert
Toilet seat £21 Use with Voice Alert