Continence Protection
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Rectangular Pads
These pads have a waterproof backing and are held in place by a self adhesive backing strip.
They can be worn with conventional underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights.
Pack of 28
Mini TR219 £5
Midi, Extra TR223 £6
Maxi TR220 £7
Supreme Light
These anatomically shaped pads are comfortable, discreet and secured in normal underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights.
They have a secure waterproof backing and a super absorbent polymer making the pads less bulky and more absorbent.
Pack of 28
Mini TR221 £6.50
Midi TR222 £8
Maxi TR224 £8.50
Supreme Form
The anatomical shape ensures comfort and standing cuffs prevent leakage. They can be either worn with normal underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights.
Pack of 25
Regular + TR229 £9.50
Extra + TR4385 £11
Pack of 20
Super TR231 £11.50
Maxi TR1869 £12
Supreme Fit
Designed to meet the needs of heavy to severe incontinence. These pads have the highest absorbency of all of the disposable pads shown.
Features include a stay dry barrier, re-sealable tapes for ideal fit and repositioning after toileting.
Pack of 26 Medium Regular + TR225 £14.80 Pack of 20 Medium Maxi TR5784 £14.80 Large Maxi TR226 £15 XL Maxi TR227 £15.60
Supreme Pullup Pads
Designed to make life easier. Easy to fit and remove.
Pack of 14
Medium Extra TR2080 £12
Medium Maxi TR5952 £13
Large Extra TR892 £12.50
Large Maxi TR4921 £14
XL Extra TR266 £16
XL Maxi TR7029 £16.70
Pouch Pants
For use with the Classic Line insert pads.
Size S to XXL
Female £8.20
Male £9.50
Classic Line Inserts
Disposable pads for Pouch Pants.
Plus - Pack of 28 TR271 £4
Extra - Pack of 30 TR272 £4.80
Maxi - Pack of 28 TR7599 £9
Net Pants
Fine mesh unisex pants to hold disposable pads securely in place. Extra leg length.
Pack of 5 £7.50
Small TR721
Medium TR722
Large TR723
XL TR724
Waterproof Pants
XS TR4273
Small TR706
Medium TR707
Large TR708
XL TR709
Disposable Chair/Bed Pads
Pack of 35
60x40cm TR268 £9
60x60cm TR269 £12
60x90cm TR270 £14
Pack of 20
90 x 180 TR7590 £10.50
Kylie Sheets
Specially designed reusable washable underpad.
Looks and feels like normal bedding. Suitable for light to moderate incontinence and keeps both the user and bed dry with a stay dry layer and waterproof backing.
2 litre, 70x85cm with wings TR642 £19
3 litre, 85x90cm with wings TR673 £24
Seat Pads
Like the Kylie Sheets but for use in a chair.
1 litre, 40x60cm £12
Waterproof Bed Protectors
100% PVC treated with an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Mattress protectors are designed as fitted sheets.
Pillow cover TR682 £5
Single mattress cover TR683 £11
Double mattress cover TR684 £16
King mattress cover TR324 £22
Single duvet cover TR685 £12
Double duvet cover TR686 £20
Waterproof Bedding
Pillow TR630 £11
Single duvet TR631 £34
Double duvet TR632 £45