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Audio and Visual Aids
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Talking Atomic Watches

Speaks the time and date in a clear voice with radio controlled accuracy.

Mens, Leather Strap 407 50
Mens, Metal Strap 407.1 55
Ladies, Leather Strap 407.2 55
Ladies, Metal Strap 407.3E 56

Talking Big Digit Watch

A stylish digital watch with oversize LCD digital display. The clear voice announcement of time and date assists the visually impaired.

408 15

Talking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock has a talking function and clear analogue face to assist the visually impaired.

965.1 14

Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

Wake to the vibration alarm without disturbing others or choose the sound option. Helpful for anyone with hearing or sight limitations.

331 18

Telephone Ringer With Bright Flash

A simple device that has a loud ring tone and bright yellow strobe light to alert you to incoming calls.

CL1 Telephone Ringer A180 30
CL1 Vibrating Pad A180A 25

Big Button Phone

This telephone has large buttons making it ideal for the visually impaired. Incoming calls can be seen and heard with a flashing light indicator.


Classic Style Magnifying Glass

A basic handheld magnifying glass.

334.1 6.25 inc vat

Illuminated Magnifier With Neck Cord

This larger magnifier is suitable for hands free use. Supplied with an adjustable neck cord, so you can read, sew or do other hobbies with both hands available. Our deluxe model has a built in light and arms that fold down to form a handle for normal use.
Magnification X 1.5, inset X 4.

662 14.10

Illuminated Folding Magnifier

This stylish rectangular magnifier has an extra-bright, long-lasting LED illumination.
It improves the contrast of lettering against the page thereby making reading more comfortable.
Handle folds flat into body for compact storage.
Supplied in gift box with protective pouch and button cell batteries giving up to 100,000 hours of bulb life.
Lens size: 5075mm (23"), 3x magnification.

09-118-0004 26.65 inc vat

Paperweight Magnifier

This solid acrylic lens collects ambient light for bright viewing and helps to reduce eyestrain. Glides effortlessly across any surface for easy use. Provides perfect focus of the object, even when viewed from a distance. Ideal for use by several people at one time.
Magnification X 3. Size: Diameter 60mm.

338 9

Sheet Magnifier

This plastic sheet gives a convenient and inexpensive way of reading large areas or print.
Magnification X 2.

A4 AA7250 6 inc vat
A6 E38728 3.40 inc vat

Sheet Magnifier With Stand

This plastic sheet gives a convenient and inexpensive way of reading large areas or print, comes with a stand with folding legs.
Magnification X 2.

M20119 16.50

Standing Page Magnifier

This magnifier stands at the perfect distance for reading, writing or any close work. The legs fold up conveniently for travel and storage.
Magnification X 3. Size: 267 x 190 x 114mm.

09-117-0109 14

Full Page Magnifier

This full page flexible magnifier has a 'soft-touch' frame for positioning and comfort. Ideal for magnifying text, small print, maps and documents.
Magnification X 2. Size: 250 x 180mm.

09-117-0091 7

Desk Top Magnifier

This unique hands-free magnifying stand has a fresnel-type swivel lens, which revolves 360 degrees. The lens makes light work of everyday or occasional inspection and magnification tasks. lightweight plastic construction.
Magnification X 2. Size: 160 x 110mm.

09-117-0133 23

Giant Face Playing Cards

These normal sized, plastic-coated playing cards have vary large numbers on them for those with limited vision.

E85317 4.10 inc vat

Playing Card Holder

Designed for people with limited use of their hands. Cards can be added and removed. The front is extended to hold pencils or small coins.

AA7311 8.95 inc vat

Fan Shaped Playing Card Holder

This attractive, fan shaped playing card holder is perfect for anyone with limited finger strength. It provides a clear view of all the cards, which will not fall out if the holder is tilted.

AA7310 19.95

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