Dressing Aids
Also see: Cosyfeet - Home Health - Moving & Handling

Sock/Stocking Aid
A simple inexpensive aid for putting on stockings or socks, especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult.
TR404 £6
Tights Aid
The tights aid is the same as the sock aid but has a double gutter to enable it to be used for tights.
TR406 £6.50
Plastic Shoe Horn
An inexpensive plastic moulded shoe horn. The long handle gives excellent reach.
TR1201 £5
Steel Shoe Horn
A sturdy long white epoxy coated steel shoe horn for easier reaching. The soft PVC handgrip is hook shaped for hanging and hooking.
TR1769 £8
Dressing Stick
This stick incorporates three hooks, two at one end and one at the other, all different to tackle various dressing tasks.
Use the hooks to pull shirts and jackets on or to raise socks, skirts or trousers.
TR1768 £8
Button Hook
This quality dressing aid makes fastening buttons easier and includes a zip pulling hook.
TR1770 £5
Elastic Laces
Turn a lace up shoe into a slip on shoe. Lace and tie shoes just once.
Elastic shoelaces measure 610cm (24") long. Two pairs per pack.
Black TR2022 £5.77 inc vat
Brown TR1764 £5.77 inc vat
Coilers may be tightened or loosened, but never need tying. Fits up to eight pairs of eyelets. Sold in pairs.
Black TR1760 £4.20
Royal blue TR1761 £4.20
Brown TR1762 £4.20
White TR1763 £4.20