Bedroom Accessories
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Adjustable Bed Backrest
Removable padded headrest.
Adjustable to five positions.
Folds flat when not in use.
TR1124 £28
Bed Wedge
This foam wedge cushion can be used to support either your back or legs. The different angles make this a very versatile cushion which can be used individually or as a pair.
Size 24" x 20" x 12".
TR2147 £28
Folding Bed Cradle
The bed cradle is designed to keep the bed clothes off the body. The base is placed between the mattress and the bed base. It folds flat for storage and transport.
TR1125 £38
Bed Rope Ladder
A simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped by the user to pull themselves up in bed on a hand over hand movement. Suitable for single or double beds.
TR2707 £10
Double Loop Grab Rail
This grab rail has a double loop to assist users getting in and out of bed.
It fits securely under the mattress, is adjustable in width and fits single and double beds.
TR5292 £45
Bed Grab Rail
An ultra sturdy bed grab rail, offering stability and confidence to those that have difficulty getting in and out of bed. The height adjustable frame can be positioned to suit virtually any divan style bed. Two legs to the floor and the frame is secured into place via the three colour coded straps provided, ensuring minimal movement when in use.
TR1123 £75
Bed Rails
Made from chromium plated steel.
Telescopic rails extend to required length.
Adjusted by easily operable spring loaded buttons.
TR1126 £130
Bed Tray
Folding bed tray with adjustable tilt top.
TR1127 £27 inc vat
Overbed Table
Adjustable height and angle. The table top lips stop items slipping off the table.
Without castors TR1020 £48
With castors TR1021 £54
Overbed Split Top Table
Larger than average 60cm and 20cm table tops. Adjustable height with static small table top and adjustable angle large table top. The table top lips stop items slipping off the table
TR2162 £76
Daleside Overbed/Chair Table
Laminated beech finish top, easy to clean. Adjusts to various angles and height. Split legged base allows table to fit around furniture. Rail prevents items slipping off.
TR2205 £135