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Latex and Vinyl. Powdered and Powder free. Extra small to extra large.

Vinyl 3.80
Latex 4.50

Dry Wipes

Used for drying skin and surfaces. Can be used as a wash cloth. Strong, gentle and highly absorbent. 100 wipes per pack.

TR727 6

Transfer Boards

24" TR640 18
30" TR641 23
Curved TR4758 26

Q2 Motility Board

The Q2 Motility Board is a universal transfer board. Its unique curved shape and maximum working load of 285kg enable it to be used in virtually all applications. Ideal for use in both assisted and non assisted transfers, it can also be used for face to face transfers within restricted areas.

AA88028 94.60

Rota Stand

The Rota Stand has been developed to allow an assisted transfer from one seated position to another. The frame, shin pad and turn table combine to give optimum safety to carer and patient during transfer.

TR7248 239

Escort 160 Electric Hoist

Emergency manual lowering.
Electric leg opening.
160kg lifting capacity.


Handling Belts

Measured by waist size

Eco Belt - Up to 45" TR1784 4.95
Mini - 20" to 45" TR1785 19.95
Mini DX - 20" to 45" TR1786 23.95
Maxi - 24" to 45" TR1787 26.95
Maxi DX - 24" to 45" TR1788 29.95
Maxi + - 36" to 60" TR1789 28.95
Maxi + DX - 36" to 60" TR1790 34.95

Ultra Slide Sheets

Mini - 60cm x 41cm TR1776 8.95
Compact - 72cm x 70cm TR1780 10.95
Standard - 112cm x 71cm TR1781 19.95
Long - 145cm x 71cm TRR1782 22.95
Maxi - 195cm x 70cm TR1777 27.95
Wide - 122cm x 100cm TR1783 27.95
Maxi + - 195cm x 140cm TR1778 34.95
XL - 200cm x 115cm TR1779 29.95

Locomotor Turn Tables

Non slip base.
Cushioned surface - ideal for sitting or standing on.
Extremely lightweight and portable, 0.3kg.

300mm Diameter LOCO-034 23.95
380mm Diameter LOCO-035 28.95

Locomotor Duo Turn Tables

The Duo has a waterproof surface for easy cleaning to prevent cross infection. 10mm depth.

300mm Diameter LOCO-038 28.95
380mm Diameter LOCO-039 31.95

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