Ability Living & Mobility

Living Aids

Elephant Feet

Bed and chair raisers.
Supplied in a set of 4.

9cm/4" TR700 18
14cm/6" TR701 21

Hardwood Chair Raisers

Strong hardwood raisers with a strong steel insert. Fits between bed or chair and existing castor by either screw in or clip in legs, the castor can then be inserted into the other end.
Supplied in a set of 4.

3" Screw In TR702 16.50
3" Clip In TR703 16.50
4" Screw In TR705 17.50
4" Clip In TR704 17.50

Multi Purpose Raiser (MPR)

The MPR can be used to raise a variety of types of furniture.
The modular system is used in a variety of combinations.
Please call in to see the reference guide.

MPR main unit TR350 20 each
MPR spreader bar TR352 3 each
MPR clip on section TR351 2 each

Handi Reacher

Standard, 24" TR318 10
Long, 30" TR319 11
Extra Long, 35" TR320 12

Foot Stool

Relief for aching legs. Height adjustable for optimum angle and height.

TR6565 44 inc vat

Household Trolley

Adjustable height trolley with wooden shelves.

TR1195 59

Household Trolley Walker

Adjustable height trolley with shelves. Lockable brakes make this a unique dual purpose domestic trolley.

TR1203 88

Derby Half Step

The Derby Half Step reduces the door step rise for those with limited mobility. It comes complete with a slip resistant rubber mat. The four feet are adjustable to ensure that the step can be levelled for use.

TR3058 78, RRP 100

Step Stool

A simple, sturdy stool consisting of a steel frame with non slip rubber mat. The rubber ferrules provide a good grip on slippery surfaces.

TR2070 32

Key Turner

Attach your keys for extra leverage and grip. Easy to hold and store. Keys fold away into the handle.

One Key TR321 4.50
Two Key TR322 5
Three Key TR323 5.50

Pen Grippers

Excellent for those who have a weak grip where holding a pen is a problem. Supplied in a set of 3.

TR1794 3.50

Plug Tugs

These economical plug strips simply attach to a normal plug forming a handle to aid with pulling out a plug.
Supplied in a set of 10.

TR6366 8

Telescopic Duster

Helpful for cleaning hard to reach areas
Reaches ceilings, light fixtures and high-up places
Gentle enough for delicate surfaces
Duster head creates its own static electricity, enabling dust to be picked up like a magnet
Lightweight and easy to use
Ideal for many uses around the house or car
To remove the dirt/dust shake upside down or rinse in soapy water
Extends from 113cm-201cm (44.5-79)

9.40 inc vat

Window Pull

Open and close hard to reach UPVC windows with the Window Pull. Specially designed to reach windows without the need to climb or stretch. Made from lightweight aluminium. A fold away lever helps those who may have difficulty when manipulating window handles.

24" TR4924 38
36" TR5010 44

Long Handle Milk Bottle Holder

TR2702 15.50

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