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Continence Protection
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Rectangular Pads

These pads have a waterproof backing and are held in place by a self adhesive backing strip. They can be worn with conventional underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights.

Mini LCLN2111 4
Midi, Extra LCLN2121 4.70
Maxi LCLN2151 5.70

Mini Shaped Pads

These anatomically shaped pads are comfortable, discreet and secured in normal underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights. They have a secure waterproof backing and a super absorbent polymer making the pads less bulky and more absorbent.

Mini LSFE3141 5
Midi LSFE3151 5.50
Maxi LSFE3161 6.50

Supreme Form

The anatomical shape ensures comfort and standing cuffs prevent leakage. They can be either worn with normal underwear or with fixation shorts/panty tights.

Regular + LSFM5121BR-04 7.90
Extra LSFM5131BR-04 9.50
Super LSFM5161BR-04 9.50
Maxi LSFM5171BR-04 9.90

Supreme Fit

Designed to meet the needs of heavy to severe incontinence. These pads have the highest absorbency of all of the disposable pads shown. Features include a stay dry barrier, re-sealable tapes for ideal fit and repositioning after toileting.

Medium Regular + LSFT7211/P 13.80
Large Maxi LSFT7341/P 13.90
XL Maxi LSFT7421/P 14.60

Supreme Pullup Pads

Designed to make life easier. Easy to fit and remove.

Medium LSPU0211 11.50
Large LSPU0311 11.50
XL LSPU0411 16

Pouch Pants

For use with the Classic Line insert pads.
Size S to XXL

Female 805FP 8.20
Male 805MP 9.50

Classic Line

Disposable pads for Pouch Pants.

Plus - Pack of 28 LCLN1111 4
Extra - Pack of 30 LCLN1121 4.80

Panty Tights

Fine mesh unisex pants to hold disposable pads securely in place. Extra leg length.

Small C-952 4.50
Medium C-962 4.50
Large C-972 4.50
XL C-982 4.50
XXL C-992 4.50

Waterproof Pants

7822 + Hip Size 6.50

Disposable Chair/Bed Pads

Pack of 35.

60x40cm LFBD8111P 8
60x60cm LFBD8211P 10
60x90cm LF8411P 12

Kylie Sheets

Specially designed reusable washable underpad. Looks and feels like normal bedding. Suitable for light to moderate incontinence and keeps both the user and bed dry with a stay dry layer and waterproof backing.

2 litre, 70x85cm with wings 17
3 litre, 85x90cm with wings 22
3 litre, 100x100cm with wings 24
2 litre, 70x85cm without wings 14
3 litre, 100x100cm without wings 21

Seat Pads

Like the Kylie Sheets but for use in a chair.

1 litre, 40x60cm 7.90

Waterproof Bed Protectors

100% PVC treated with an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Mattress protectors are designed as fitted sheets.

Pillow cover V11 5
Single mattress cover V8 8.50
Double mattress cover V9 10.50
Single duvet cover V10 9
Double duvet cover 5517 20

Waterproof Bedding

Pillow WPIL 8.50
Single duvet WDUV 34
Double duvet WDUV/DBLE 45

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