Ability Living & Mobility

Comfort Range

Comfort Plus Cushion

2" 25 TR6562
4" 29 TR6716

Pressure Tex Cushion

2" Standard TR932
4" Standard TR933
2" Coccyx Cut Out TR934
4" Coccyx Cut Out TR935

52 RRP 74.99

4" Memory Foam


Nodular Ring Cushion

26 TR2034

Wedge Cushion

Available in slim line or 11 wedge with coccyx cut out or standard.


Memory Foam Designer Wedge Cushion

Available with coccyx cut out or standard.


Lumber Roll

4" D Shape TR1116
5" D Shape TR1117
4" Circular Shape TR1119
5" Circular Shape TR1118


Memory Foam Designer Lumber Roll


Back Support

37.50 TR5884

Designer Back Support

49 TR5883

Fleece Seat Pad

Pure wool.

TR6933 14

Fleece Hip Pad

A pure wool hip pad with white cotton backing offering comfort and warmth.

TR1199 22 inc vat

Bed Fleece

Pure wool.

Single bed TR4188 24 inc vat
Double bed PR20139 36 inc vat

Neck Cushion

Synthetic fleece.

NCU 15 inc vat

Fleece Slippers

Size 4-6 TR755 17.50
Size 7-9 TR754 17.50
Size 10-13 TR753 17.50

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