About Ability
Warranty information

Please note that any items deemed faulty are to be brought to the shop where purchased with a valid receipt so that any issues can be addressed

The main reason that we may ask for your details is because if you, (or the person for whom you are purchasing goods or services) have a disabling condition, we do not have to charge VAT on items which are designed specifically for people with disabling conditions. For us to do this, HM Customs and Excise require us to obtain a declaration from you, giving your name and address, and your medical condition (or those details as they apply to the person for whom you are making the purchase.) We enter these details onto our point of sale digital system so that if you purchase from us again in the future we do not need a new declaration.
We are required by HM Customs and Excise to store these records for 6 years, so we will keep both the paper copy of your declaration, and the data on the point of sale software for 6 years after your latest purchase. We never pass these on to anybody else.


Some items by their very nature have a limited warrenty (pads, gloves...) but it will be evident very soon if they are defective.
As with brake cables and tyres, batteries are a consumable product and their condition varies mainly by the way they are treated. Our charging information given when buying our batteries or power vehicles should be adhered to. If any manufacture fault is present, this will usually become obvious within the first 2 months.
With the above in mind our warranty on batteries is a limited 2 month manufacturer fault warranty.

Non Consumables

All non consumables come with a standard parts and labour warranty and should be returned to the shop along with the receipt as soon as possible so that any problem can be dealt with.
All new Ability scooters, powerchairs, rise & recline chairs and bathlifts come with 12 months parts and labour warranty as standard. Scooters can be brought in for repair. If a callout is required there is usually a callout charge though for new power products we tend not to charge our customers if a problem occurs within the first month.