About Ability
Privacy policy

At Ability we are committed to giving you, our customers, the best possible service we can offer,
and this includes treating the information we hold about you with respect.
There are various reasons why it is helpful to hold some information about you,
and there are also some instances where we are obliged to do so to comply with regulations, for example those laid down by HMRC.
The reasons we might store your details are:

VAT relief

The main reason that we may ask for your details is because if you, (or the person for whom you are purchasing goods or services) have a disabling condition, we do not have to charge VAT on items which are designed specifically for people with disabling conditions. For us to do this, HM Customs and Excise require us to obtain a declaration from you, giving your name and address, and your medical condition (or those details as they apply to the person for whom you are making the purchase.) We enter these details onto our point of sale digital system so that if you purchase from us again in the future we do not need a new declaration.
We are required by HM Customs and Excise to store these records for 6 years, so we will keep both the paper copy of your declaration, and the data on the point of sale software for 6 years after your latest purchase. We never pass these on to anybody else.

Sales records

It is sometimes helpful to you that we can look up the record held under your name. For example we can see which product you purchased last time so that you can be sure to get the same again even if you can’t remember all the details. Or another example might be that if you wished to make a claim under warranty for an item, we can easily look up the details of the purchase even if you no longer have the receipt. We never use your record for marketing, or pass it on to anybody else.


We do most of our deliveries ourselves, in which case details of the delivery address and a contact number will be saved digitally in our business diary which can be accessed only by our own staff. We keep this information for 3 years for our own records only. Occasionally, for bulky items, we may ask our supplier to deliver direct to you, in which case we will need to give them the delivery address and a contact number. We will obtain your specific consent before doing this.

Services: After sales services, other servicing and repairs

Appointments for any servicing and repairs are recorded digitally in our business diary which can be accessed only by our own staff. These entries will contain name and contact number, address (only if a call out is involved), and details of the job and outcome. We keep this information for 3 years after the latest contact, and we may use it to look back and check the service history of the item serviced. This information is never passed to a third party.