About Ability
Company Objectives

1. To provide accessible and affordable aids for living, to enable and improve the quality of life of people in the community and to give people the ability to remain independent.

2. To supply value for money quality equipment to nursing & residential homes and to carers, providing them with the ability to give a high standard of care.

At Ability, we believe that you should have the Ability not just to cope, but to live your life.
It is our intention to supply products that can best aid you to do just that.
This web site brings you some great ideas to make daily tasks easier. The products are great value for money.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us at Ability. We are here for you.
All the best,

Peter and Penny Camilleri.

When Ability opened in Cardiff in 2003 and in Barry in 2005, mobility shops were few and far between, now, outlets seem to be popping up everywhere. While competition is good for you, the customer we are concerned that most of these outlets are being opened by business entrepreneurs and salespersons, and not by nursing and caring professionals.
We are not salespersons! Our objective at Ability is to find the best, most appropriate solution to help you or your relative/charge to make the best of their situation, not to sell you the brightest, most expensive item.
Ability are always up front and honest. Most of our competitors do not even display their prices on their web sites.
In the years that we have served the South East Wales area, Ability has changed dramatically. This is because we have listened to our customers. Where you have asked us to look into/provide certain items, we have adapted. Most of our competitors have not done this because 'it does not pay' and they concentrate on a narrower supply line that brings in more profit.
We have had customers come to us who have bought certain items (e.g. a scooter) from a competitor, only to find that when the item has (soon afterwards) gone wrong, the company has been far from helpful. We are a family company that pride ourselves on our service; before, during and after sales. Steven is our chief product technician and has taken to heart the Ability way of customer care. Steven is very capable in the service and repair of scooters, wheelchairs, electric beds and rise recliner chairs.